I grow my own, brave the kitchen heat and know my woozy way around a wine list. Welcome to my post-lockdown world…

You may call it a blog if you must. It’s certainly a change of direction I’ve been putting off through years of journalistic hyper-activity. The lockdowns have made me reassess the food and drink I really care about. I feel refreshed and free of restraint. Even so. Please excuse the solipsistic sounding neilsowerby.co.uk. It’s not just about me. More the discoveries I want to share. Read more…

Foam-filled Baths time for Indy Man Beer Con and the podcasts from Pellicle

Previewing Indy Man Beer Con, the UK's best craft beer showcase.

Ethically farmed salmon from the Faroes and Iceland is the responsible way to fish shop

Scottish farmed has its critics. So what are the alternatives? Maybe the Faroes or Iceland

MFK Fisher, mot justes and the art of eating – still delicious after all these years

MFK Fisher was arguably the 20th century's greatest chronicler of her own life and the food that was integral to it. Let's reassess.

Blue Vinny and PJ Harvey proudly display their tangy Dorset roots

Blue Vinny cheese was almost extinct when it was revived by a Dorset farming family. Does it live up to the legend?

A whole lot of Shakespeare going on – bed and bard in Ye Olde Stratford-upon-Avon

Neil Sowerby enjoys Stratford's main attractions and its quirky corners
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Fold – the curious case of the missing squid bolognese and the triumphant return of coal oil

Why Fold in Marple Bridge is one of the best local restaurants around.
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