I grow my own, brave the kitchen heat and know my woozy way around a wine list. Welcome to my post-lockdown world…

You may call it a blog if you must. It’s certainly a change of direction I’ve been putting off through years of journalistic hyper-activity. The lockdowns have made me reassess the food and drink I really care about. I feel refreshed and free of restraint. Even so. Please excuse the solipsistic sounding neilsowerby.co.uk. It’s not just about me. More the discoveries I want to share. Read more…

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Begone the travails of trembling madness – York’s Skosh really is a wizard restaurant

Skosh in York offers a globally eclectic small plates menu. Does it work?

How my gurning Medlock gurnard spouted from Gandalf’s mouth

Meet the gurnard, one of our ugliest and yet tastiest fish

Blossoming Perry – ‘the best examples are the match of anything ever fermented’

I review Adam Wells unique book on perry – a homage to one of the great under-rated drinks.

How a snail trail led back to Manchester’s own flourishing flatbread scene

Flatbreads are very much on trend. I explore the toppings wowing London and Manchester
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On fire! Musu chef Shaw’s smoking take on the Land of the Rising Sun

I revisit one of may favourite Manchester restaurants and find Musu has upped its game even further
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