I grow my own, brave the kitchen heat and know my woozy way around a wine list. Welcome to my post-lockdown world…

You may call it a blog if you must. It’s certainly a change of direction I’ve been putting off through years of journalistic hyper-activity. The lockdowns have made me reassess the food and drink I really care about. I feel refreshed and free of restraint. Even so. Please excuse the solipsistic sounding neilsowerby.co.uk. It’s not just about me. More the discoveries I want to share. Read more…

My Italian food trail: Bottarga

Nigella Lawson and Samuel Pepys make strange bedfellows but what bizarrely bonds them is a fondness for Bottarga, salted and cured grey mullet roe. Unique, it’s often dubbed the ‘truffle of the sea’.

Viva pizza! Franco Manca truffles with our affections and Anello’s a Rudy marvel

Neil Sowerby goes in search of true Neapolitan pizza in the UK.
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All hail Josh, Saxon Earl of Hovingham, and Tommy, Byland Abbey Innkeeper

Neil Sowerby visits two new North Yorkshire foodie destinations – Mýse and Byland Abbey Inn

Who’s the big cheese around here? Graviéra Krítis or Rogue River Blue?

Neil Sowerby weighs up two new cheeses in his life – one from Crete, one from Oregon

BiBi – an Indian restaurant like no other thanks to the genius of Chet Sharma

In the unlikely setting of Mayfair Chet Sharma has his subversive way with Indian cookery at BiBi
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