I grow my own, brave the kitchen heat and know my woozy way around a wine list. Welcome to my post-lockdown world…

You may call it a blog if you must. It’s certainly a change of direction I’ve been putting off through years of journalistic hyper-activity. The lockdowns have made me reassess the food and drink I really care about. I feel refreshed and free of restraint. Even so. Please excuse the solipsistic sounding neilsowerby.co.uk. It’s not just about me. More the discoveries I want to share. Read more…

Prickly character – why I’m getting animated about cardoons 

The cardoon is the unsung cousin of the globe artichoke. What to do with these prickly characters once you've unearthed them?

My Italian food trail: Rigatoni (but not con la pajata)

I visit a restaurant centred on rigatoni and explore the wider horizons of this favourite pasta

How a futile rhubarb pilgrimage ended in a patra epiphany at Prashad

I go to the Triangle in search of new season forced rhubarb and encounter an Indian veggie classic
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Tarte Tatin – quest for the golden apples in the Galeries Lafayette

A cookery lesson in the heart of Paris leads me on a quest to discover the secrets of tarte tatin
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Mythical feasts of Mykonos as Fenix lands by the ‘wine dark’ Irwell

Fenix is a glamorous addition to the Manchester food and drink scene. Does it matter if it is not always authentically Greek?
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Random reads – my recommended books of 2023

My pick of some favourite titles – from Berlin to bars, spooks to noodles
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