I grow my own, brave the kitchen heat and know my woozy way around a wine list. Welcome to my post-lockdown world…

You may call it a blog if you must. It’s certainly a change of direction I’ve been putting off through years of journalistic hyper-activity. The lockdowns have made me reassess the food and drink I really care about. I feel refreshed and free of restraint. Even so. Please excuse the solipsistic sounding neilsowerby.co.uk. It’s not just about me. More the discoveries I want to share. Read more…


My Italian food trail – luganega sausage

Luganega is arguably the most delicious Italian sausage. Where to find it and waht to do with it.

Littlewoods – how my wild boar chase led to a den of fleshy delights

Littlewoods butchers supplies Manchester's finest new wave restaurants. What is its secret?
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Andrew Wong and Fuchsia Dunlop – touching my heart with dumplings

Exploring the world of Chinese food through Fuchsia Dunlop's latest book and Andrew Wong's 'Touch of the Heart' menu

Quo Vadis, Mountain, 64 Goodge Street – Old Soho, Fresh Soho and the new Fitzrovia frontier

Mountain and 64 Goodge Street are two of London's rising star restaurants. My verdict.
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Here is the shortlist for the 2023 Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards
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